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Thomas Therapy & Coaching
Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness
Dr Christine Fiddler, PhD, MNCP, D.A. Hyp, Mindfulness

John Fiddler, MBA, Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindfulness
We offer a 30 minute FREE consultation to all new clients.
This can either be face to face or by telephone.

The consultation allows you to find out more about us and whether you feel therapy or coaching is right for you.

No treatment or therapy will be given during this free
consultation session.
No matter how bad your day is, if you look hard enough you will find something positive in could be a smile from someone you know or a stranger, it could be a beautiful sunrise or sunset or even the sound of a bird look for positives not negatives and be grateful

Need support in finding the positives in your life?

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Thomas Therapy, 2016
Address: 10 Agbrigg Road (part of Back in Action), Wakefield, WF2 6AF
You can find us at:

Thomas Therapy & Coaching
10 Agbrigg Road (part of Back in Action)
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